PA's Outdoor Recreation Plan - AMC Weighs in at Public Input Sessions & Comment Period

Every five years, Pennsylvania produces a plan that provides citizens, policymakers, and recreation professionals with a snapshot of current trends and issues in outdoor recreation. The plan also helps set the agenda for state recreation policy, planning, funding, and implementation for the next five years and beyond.

On June 3rd, AMC Delaware Valley Chapter members and Mid-Atlantic staff participated in a public input session on PA's Outdoor Recreation Plan. Many other outdoor recreation affiliated community members also attended. At DeSales Univeristy, PA DCNR staff and Penn State University researcher presented key research findings and plan recommendations. This was followed up by four breakout stations based on the four themes of the plan.

Theme 1 -Aligning State Planning Efforts

Theme 2 - Healthy Lifestyles and Economic Vitality Connections

Theme 3 - Outdoor Connections and Stewardship

Theme 4 - Developing a Statewide Trail Network: Facilitating Recreation, Transportation and Healthy Lifestyles

Participants were able to comment and ask questions on the plan's draft recommendations. There were also two other public input sessions in other parts of the state.

Did you miss these public input sessions?

You still have the opportunity to view PA's Outdoor Recreation Plan on-line and submit comments.

Public input to this process is critical—ensuring a broad representation of interests, views and ideas.

*Other states also create this same kind of plan referred to as SCORP (State Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan).

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