AMC and Wildlands Conservancy Hit the Road to Deliver Boxes of Hike the Highlands Cards

The week of July 13th AMC's Mid-Atlantic Recreation Planner, Jennifer Heisey, and Wildland Conservancy's Special Projects Director, Tom Gettings hand delivered over fifty boxes of Hike the Highlands cards all over the 13-county PA Highlands. "We were happy to spread these great hiking resources out to over fifty places to give out free to the public," says Jennifer. Deliveries were made to multiple Eastern Mountain Sports stores, REI, state parks, national historic sites, county parks, and the list goes on.

When all is said and done 5,000 packets of Hike the Highlands cards will be given out for all to enjoy! Hurry these are hot commodities!!!

Pick-up locations for hard copies of the Hike the Highlands cards can be found at or can be downloaded on-line.

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