Smiles & Prizes: Winners of the Hike the Highlands Scavenger Hunt

The winners of AMC and Wildlands Conservancy's Hike the Highlands Scavenger Hunt rave over the Hike the Highlands hiking cards and the prizes they won for just going outside and hiking. Who can beat that?

The scavenger hunt ran from mid-July through October 31, 2009. Monthly drawings were made from scavenger hunt participants who entered at least three answers. Thanks everyone for participating in the scavenger hunt and enjoying the outdoors of the PA Highlands. A big thank you to everyone who donated prizes!

Picture: September Winner - Barbara Liberti, Easton, PA. She is all smiles with her new walking stick and ready to get back on the trails with it.

August Winner:

First Place: Mike Haughey, Levittown, PA
Mountain Smith Vibe II Lumbar Park donated from Wildware Backcountry

Mike had the pick of the prizes as he was the first one to send in Hike the Highlands Scavenger Hunt answers.

"I would like to recieve the Mountain Smith Lumbar pac. It will be great to take along on some of the other hikes I plan on doing. Thanks again,
Mike Haughey"

September Winners:

First Place: Tim Linnan, Warrington, PA
REI $20 gift certificate

Tim and his wife, Joanne, went to Mariton Wildlife Sanctuary to scavenge for an answer for the Hike the Highlands Scavenger Hunt. Here is what he had to say about their hike:
"We arrived at the Mariton Wildlife Sanctuary around mid morning on a hot late August day. We were greeted by the very gregarious caretaker who proceeded to give us very detailed descriptions of all the possible hikes we could take. He carefully told us that there was a several hundred feet drop on the hike to oversee the Delaware river vistas and the view was obscured by the foliage. He recommended that we take that hike in the fall or winter when we would get a spectacular view. The caretaker was very knowledgeable and you should seek him out prior to embarking on your hike. We decided upon another hike in the Sanctuary where we could take advantage of the shelter of the forest canopy on such a steamy day. We strayed off our chosen path and had a several hundred feet decline before the trail leveled off. Of course that several hundred feet had to be compensated for on the way back but it was an enjoyable hike just the same.

If you go make sure to stop in at the visitor center and pick up a map of the trails in the Sanctuary and peruse the other brochures. There are also several wildlife displays in the main room.

I would definitely recommend the visit and we plan to go again in late fall or winter." -Tim Linnan, Hiker

Second Place: Dawn Wray, Quarryville, PA
Avenir Sonic Pro Bike Helmet & a Rails to Trails Bike Shop T-shirt donated by Rails to Trail Bicycle Shop

Third Place: Joanne Linnan, Warrington, PA
Gander Mountain hat & Nalgene water bottle

Fouth Place: Barbara Liberti, Easton, PA
Walking stick donated by DCNR - State Parks (Kings Gap Environmental Education Center)

"Thanks, I think I'd like a walking stick. What a selection! I am now working on more hiking for October. The weather has been beautiful." -Barb

October Winners:

First Place: Ross "Rooster" Magee, Spring City, PA
REI $20 gift certificate, Gander Mountain hat, and Nalgene water bottle

"Well Thank you very much.Thats great. Never thought I would win anything. Did it for the hikes and scenery. Again thank you. It was all very nice." - Rooster (Ross Magee)

*Rooster had the most answers to the scavenger hunt questions. He hiked 9 out of the 22 Hike the Highlands hiking cards. Read what he had to say about it all!

Hello Folks,

"More hikes, more questions, oh my yes, more answers. Bid day yesterday 5 parks in one day. Yes I hurt today. But it's a good hurt. Answers for hikes #1,2,4,5,6. #4 I did last week. Man what a day. Going back to some. They need more exploration. Thanks again for the cards this is great."

Health and Happiness -Rooster

Second Place: Hallowell Family, Macungie, PA.
Disc Golf Set donated by Wildware Backcountry
"Our family was surprised and pleased to have won one of your prizes! We would be very happy to have the "Disc Golf Set". It's been a pleasure trying out some of the trails we weren't familiar with. I think your Hiking Cards are a great idea. Thank you so much!"- Kathleen Hallowell

Third Place: Dick Parks, Allentown, PA
Aardvark Sports Shop $20 gift certificate