Going Local in the Pennsylvania Highlands

The Appalachian Mountain Club is excited to be partnering with three organizations, Berks County Conservancy, the Horse-Shoe Trail Conservancy and Lancaster County Conservancy to “go local” in the Pennsylvania (PA) Highlands. Thanks to the generous support of the PA Department of Conservation and Natural Resources and other foundations these organizations were awarded grants to reach out to municipalities throughout the PA Highlands in order to increase awareness and protection of this incredible landscape. This is the second year AMC has coordinated this successful program and believe it will go along way in helping reach some of the almost 200 municipalities in the PA Highlands.

Outreach will take place from January through May 2010 and is focused on the Oley Hills, Furnace Hills and Welsh Mountain Conservation Priority Areas (CPA’s) of the PA Highlands. More information on the PA Highlands' CPA’s can be found at Pennsylvania Highlands Conservation Atlas. Through these efforts, we hope to secure protection, such as Resolutions of Support, for the environmental, agricultural, cultural, and recreation resources of the 2 million-acre, 13-county PA Highlands mega-greenway. If you would like a sample resolution to present to your municipality or more information on the PA Highlands contact Mark Zakutansky at mzakutansky@outdoors.org.