Building the PA Highlands Trail Network

AMC is working with several partner organizations and local, state and county governments to develop the Pennsylvania Highlands Trail Network (PHTN) within the 1.9-million acre, 13-county Pennsylvania (PA) Highlands. When completed the Highlands Trail will traverse the PA Highlands from the Delaware River to the Whiskey Springs Uplands, where it will connect with the Appalachian Trail and Maryland border.

The PHTN will be an extension of the existing 150+ mile NY/NJ Highlands Trail, which runs from the Hudson River near Storm King Mountain in New York, through Northern New Jersey to the Delaware River at Riegelsville. Characterized as a “rugged footpath” the NY/NJ Highlands Trail is a combination of new trails, co-alignment along established trails and road walking.

While some sections of the PA Highlands Trail Network will follow secluded, rugged footpaths with spur and/or loop routes to iconic Highlands features such as Ringing Rocks Park (Bucks County), much of the main route of the PHTN will be co-aligned with existing rail and canal towpath trails. And that is a major goal of the PHTN -- to connect many trail systems into one network in the PA Highlands Region that will provide close to home recreation for Highlands residents and visitors. Stay tuned for a detailed description of the envisioned main route(s) of the PHTN within Bucks, Northampton, and Lehigh counties.

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