DRBC Meeting Canceled - DE Votes "No" on Fracking Regs

Last night, Governor Jack Markell of Delaware announced that he will vote against the regulations on hydraulic fracturing proposed by the Delaware River Basin Commission, the approval of which would open the gates for the controversial practice of hydraulic fracturing in the Delaware River Basin.  The news was met with cheers from outdoor recreationists and conservationists across the four-state region, and resulted in the cancelation of the DRBC’s November 21st meeting at which the agency would have voted on the proposed rules.  Delaware joins New York in its opposition to the regulations. 

AMC has over 100,000 members, supporters, and advocates who reside largely in the Northeast, for whom the protection of the Delaware River is of great importance.  This cherished natural resource provides drinking water for over 15 million people, and its outstanding recreational opportunities draw more annual visitors than either Yellowstone or Yosemite National Park.  Development of natural gas poses numerous risks to the region, including forest fragmentation and increases in air and water pollution.  Further research is needed to understand the full extent of those risks.  Markell’s statement that “in this case, it is more important to get it right, than to be fast” echoes the tens of thousands of comments urging the DRBC to complete a federally-mandated Environmental Impact Study before considering the approval of fracking in the river basin. 

AMC is working to protect our wilderness from the risks associated with natural gas development and to preserve it for future generations to come.  To learn more about our policy on natural gas, please visit our new natural gas website here. 

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