Forest Management Boosted by New Online Tool

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If you own forestland in the Pennsylvania Highlands, its likely that your long-term vision for your property includes enjoying your land with your children and grandchildren, protecting it from development and natural disasters, maintaining a healthy ecosystem, and possibly generating some income from it as well.  Balancing these interests can seem overwhelming.  Luckily, there is support for landowners who are interested in developing land management plans for their properties.

The American Forest Foundation is providing a new tool that can help you map out a plan to reach those conservation goals. My Land Plan is a free interactive program that lets you map your property and its unique features, set goals and plan action steps, and even document your progress towards those goals. My Land Plan can also connect you with professionals, from certified foresters to wildlife biologists, who can help you make the most of your land plan.   If you're thinking about protecting your property for future generations' enjoyment, the toolkit will also walk you through the process of working with conservation trusts to preserve your land in perpetuity.  

Check the website to learn more about how My Land Plan can you plan for the future of your land.