PA Highlands Trail Network: South Bethlehem Greenway

The PA Highlands Trail Network (PHTN) includes several existing trails of note. This is the second in a series of posts intended to introduce each of the proposed co-aligned PHTN trails beginning at the Delaware River and traversing the entire PA Highlands region to the Maryland border.

As part of the "Northern Route" of the PA Highlands Trail Network, the South Bethlehem Greenway will provide a connection between the D&L Trail and the Saucon Rail Trail. Although the Greenway will likely be the shortest trail to be part of the PA Highlands Trail Network, it is a huge asset for the community.

Located on the south side of the City of Bethlehem, the South Bethlehem Greenway officially opened with a ribbon-cutting ceremony in August 2011. Ultimately the Greenway will run a total of three miles in length, connecting Union Station, Sands Casino and the Skateplaza, with Saucon Park and the Borough of Hellertown. The Greenway, which was built on the former Norfolk Southern rail line, is already a popular resource for residents, tourists and people who work in the city.

(Next in the series: Saucon Rail Trail)