New Pennsylvania Highlands Materials

The Pennsylvania Highlands Coalition pulls together over a dozen non-profit partners working to advance conservation and outdoor recreation in the Highlands region of Pennsylvania. The Coalition is pleased to share a new logo, stickers and a full color folder to help share our conservation and recreation mission.

The Pennsylvania Highlands are the largest part, at 1.4 million acres, of the 3 million acre nationally recognized Highlands region, extending from Connecticut to southern Pennsylvania, and including New York and New Jersey on the way. 

From the Northampton Highlands in the northeast, to the heights of South Mountain Faces in Franklin County, near the Maryland border, the Pennsylvania Highlands greenway encompasses some of the most beautiful and unique wild expanses in all of Pennsylvania, as well as offering a wide variety of recreational opportunities in areas of the state that are seeing their populations grow the fastest.  

The Pennsylvania Highlands Coalition is devoted to preserving the most treasured areas in this vital landscape.  In addition to some of the most productive high-value farmland in the state, and critical water resources for the urban centers from the Lehigh Valley to Harrisburg, the Highlands feature places that still preserve the pristine condition of the landscape that existed when William Penn first came to the Delaware Valley in the 17th century.  These “Critical Treasures”, as they are known, include the globally unique Pine Swamp in the Hopewell Big Woods, the Important Bird Area of the Middle Creek Wildlife Management Area in the Furnace Hills, and many more.  

If you are interested in learning more about the Pennsylvania Highlands, or are interested in some of our new materials to help raise awareness of Pennsylvania’s natural and recreational treasures, please send us a message at: