Saucon Rail Trail - A Treasured Asset

The PA Highlands Trail Network (PHTN) includes several existing trails of note. This is the third in a series of posts intended to introduce each of the proposed co-aligned PHTN trails beginning at the Delaware River and traversing the entire PA Highlands region to the Maryland border.

The Saucon Rail Trail (SRT) is one of the more remarkable examples of inter-municipal cooperation in the entire region. Upper Saucon and Lower Saucon townships and the boroughs of Hellertown and Coppersburg began meeting little more than five years ago to plan a trail along the several-miles-long abandoned SEPTA rail line. The trail officially opened with a May 2011 ribbon cutting ceremony and has been extremely popular with local residents of those communities as well as for visitors from the surrounding area.

Eventually the SRT will connect through to the South Bethlehem Greenway. Once that connection is complete the SRT will be an outstanding place to safely walk and pedal, as well as serve as an alternative commuter route.
The PHTN Link
The 'Northern Route' of the PA Highlands Trail will follow the D&L Trail with a crossing of the Lehigh River into South Bethlehem and on to the South Bethlehem Greenway and Saucon Rail Trail. The potential extension of the SRT further south along the abandoned SEPTA Line would take the Highlands Trail closer to Quakertown Borough where the trail would link to existing and planned trails in Richland and Milford townships.