Stop the Cash for Parks Bill

A dangerous bill that passed quietly through the Pennsylvania House of Representatives has now passed the Senate Appropriations Committee and could come to a vote as early as Monday, October 1st, 2012.

Referred to as the "Cash for Parks Bill," House Bill 2224 amends a fifty-year old law called the Dedicated and Donated Property Act, and puts parks, conservation easements, and other public properties at risk of sale for profit.  Currently, the sale of a public park needs to be approved by the county's orphan court.  This bill would remove that requirement altogether and make it possible for municipalities to sell parks with neither legal oversight nor community input.  This makes our much-loved public parks vulnerable to the whims of local decision-makers who could sell them for development.  It also violates the faith of donors who trusted municipalities to be good stewards of their land, of community members who volunteer and contribute financially to land preservation efforts, and citizens who count on having a local park where they can relax and recreate.

We need to let our Senators know that this is a bad idea.   Please click here to tell your Senator to vote "no" on the Cash for Parks bill!

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