Outdoor Film Festival Coming to Bethlehem in April

Still from Flow Hunters, ©Graeme Murray
Mark your calendars for 6 pm, April 21st.  Northampton Community College will be bringing the Banff Mountain Film Festival to Bethlehem.  This famous outdoors film festival is based in Canada and travels through American cities like Pittsburgh, Bethlehem and Philadelphia, as well as internationally, to Ireland, Peru, the Philippines, Venezuela, and dozens of other countries.  The festival celebrates award-winning films about skiing, skydiving, climbing, kayaking and mountain-biking adventures all around the world. 

This year's highlighted films at Northampton Community College include: Industrial Revolution, Moonwalk, Unicorn Sashimi, Reel Rock, Wideboyz, Crossing the Ice, Flow Hunters, Mountains in Motion, Ernest, and Lily Shreds Trailside.  You can check out clips from the all films here.

The event is being hosted by the Northampton Community College Outdoors Club.  Tickets sold in advance are $18 for the general public, and $15 for Northampton Community College students.  You can purchase your tickets online from the NCC, or for $20 at the door.  

For more information, email Frank Pologruto at fpologruto@northampton.edu .