Closing the Gap Along Barrel Run

Barrel Run Trail in Milford Township and the trail that runs through the Brayden Gardens section of Richland Township are separated by a mere 1/4 long gap. That gap is mostly within 'open space' that is owned and managed by the Toll Gate Landing Home Owners Association.

Closing the gap would create a connection between two communities, with the elementary school situated in between. It would also provide a pleasant route for co-alignment of the PA Highlands Trail as it transitions from Quakertown Borough to the picturesque Unami Hills in nearby Montgomery County. Today we got a firsthand look at the gap, which involved walking through waist high grass, plunging through thick underbrush and hopping over the headwaters of Barrel Run. This trail scouting exercise revealed that there is excellent potential for the creation of a section of trail through a relatively secluded area surrounded by suburban landscapes. Over the coming months we'll be exploring ways to bring together property owners and trail advocates to explore the feasibility of closing this trail gap.